About us

株式会社 柴田屋酒店 代表取締役 柴秦宏
Hello, my name is Yasuhiro Shiba. We are SHIBATA-YA, a liquor wholesaler. We deliver sake, wine, beer and other drinks from all over the world to our customers,who are restaurants, in the Tokyo metropolitan area. SHIBATA-YA was established by my grandfather in 1935 in Tokyo, so this year is our 80th anniversary.

This is thanks to our employees and customers, our business partners. Our philosophy is “ Shibataya cherishs our social ties, and, through our contribution to the development of the food and drinks industry, we try to help our employees and customers grow and be happy.

” Our vision is to “connect people through sake and make the whole world smile.” Now we have 150 staffs, and our customers number 2100 restaurants . Annual sales total 6 billon yen. We continue to grow by more than 10% each year. When we think about Japan’s restaurants industry, by expanding overseas, we want to act as a bridge between Japan and the world.

We are operating in Bangkok, Hongkong, and Milan, where we sell our Sake and explain sake culture. We have directly imported special liquor that has not been imported to Japan before.

Company profile

Name Shibata-ya Co., Ltd. 
Capital JPY 10 millions
Established 1st September, 1969 
President Yasuhiro Shiba
Employee number 100(140))
Settlement day 31st August
Annual turnover 6 billions and 5 hundreds million(Estimated amount of 2015 year )
Risona Bank Nakano branch
Shoko Chukin Bank Shinjuku branch
Tokyo Tomin Bank Nakano branch
Mizuho Bank Nakano, Roppongi branch
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Nakano branch
Business Wholesale of liquors
Related companies
Office Shiba Ltd.
KIZUNA logistics Co.,Ltd.
Shibata-Ya ITALY

Company address

  • 【Head office】

    Adress:5-3-11 Chuo, Nakano-ku, Tokyo, 164-0011, Japan



  • 【Nerima center】

    Adress:4-41-20 Nukui, Nerima-ku, Tokyo, 176-0021, Japan



  • 【Heiwajima center】

    Adress:2-5-8 Omorinishi, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 143-0015, Japan



  • 【Tasting bar Shibataya main shop】

    Adress:5-3-11 Chuo, Nakano-ku, Tokyo, 164-0011, Japan



Business strategy

  • For the employees:『We bring the precious employees up as 「Shibataya person」』
  • Impression:S commercial, Sake, Promoted benefits, Impression, Improvement of business operations, Chateau, these 6 projects creates the impression.
  • Future:The annual turnover should become 12 billions, and the ordinary profit should become 4% in 2020 year.

Company history

May. 1935 Goro Shiba has started the business by a proprietorship
Sep. 1969 The company be founded by JPY 2 millions of the capital/Shin-ichiro Shiba assumed the position of the president
Jul. 1975 Increased capital to JPY 4 millions
Jul. 1991 Construsted Shiba building(set up the head office in 2nd floor)
Nov. 1992 Increased capital to JPY 7 millions
Nov. 1995 Increased capital to JPY 10 millions
Apr. 1996 Set up the refrigeration store for Sake
Sep. 1997 Set up the wine cellar
May. 2002 Started the commercial trade show
Aug. 2002 Opened a convenience store Sunkus Shin-Nakano shop
Sep. 2002 Started the company's conference presentation of Corporate Management Policy and Corporate Management Plan
Sep. 2002 Started the book of Corporate Management Policy and Corporate Management Plan
Aug. 2003 Started to issue Kodawari Tsushin(Our hard feeling correspondence)
Sep. 2003 Started Shiba day(4.8)
Jul. 2005 Organized 「Hanjouten e no michi」 nonprofit corporation
Sep. 2005 Yasuhiro Shiba assumed the position of the president
Jan. 2006 Organized 「Taiyo no Kai」 by the restaurant owners
Apr. 2006 Opened S1 server gran prix
Apr. 2007 Set up a leisure home 「SHIBATA-SO」
Apr. 2008 Started the exhibition 「Gaisyoku(food service) Festa」
Aug. 2010 Established Nerima center(it has around 3600 sq of the wine cellar)
Jun. 2011 Opened Tasting bar Shibataya main shop
Sep. 2012 Established Heiwajima center(It has around 3600 sq of the wine cellar)
Nov. 2012 Started to manage a convenience store Circle K Suginami Hounancho station shop
Dec. 2012 Opened Tasting bar Shibataya Kanda shop
Sep. 2013 Opened Tasting bar Shibataya Nakano shop
Nov. 2013 Opened a convenience store Sunkus Suginami Izumi shop
Aug. 2014 Opened after renovation Tasting bar Shibataya main shop