The philosophy of Shibataya

「Shibataya focus the precious bonds, challenge for the happiness and development of the employees and the clients, contribute to the prosperousness of a restaurant business market.」


「Shibataya's commercial is the impression. Shibataya will become the best liquor wholesaler in Japan by bringing the impression.」

The meaning of the philosophy and the vision

1. The bond of Shibataya
It means the relationship under the trust with the clients, the companion, the family.
The most important thing to make a bond is 「standing on your side(sensing one's feelings) and keeping the promise(consistency of speech and action)」
2. Employee's development is equal to the winner in the life
Becoming able to do things that never you can do it
You can see whether you developed or not, you ask yourself if you are more bright than yesterday
3. The happiness of the employees
Realizing a dream. It will be realized only you imaged. Bigger dream brings you up more.
4. The development of the clients
Increasing the fans of you more than today. It's not the increasing(expanding) sales, benefit, number of the clients.
5. The happiness of the clients
Realizing a dream of the client. While Shibataya has this purpose, the company keeps to develop and also being a precious company.
6. The prosperousness of a restaurant business market
Increasing the persons who want to work in the restaurant business world.
It's an attractive business world as that the children say 「We want to work in the restaurant like the father and mother !」
7. The commecial is equal to the impression
It's all employees in Shibataya. The person can be impressed and sense an impression who is able to impress the clients and the companion.
Lively employee brings the impression to the clients.
8. The best liquor wholesaler in Japan
①The company is the employee brings the impression to the clients every day
②The company has the best ordinary profit in that business world
③The company can give the best salary in that business world level
④The company can realize the employee's dream as the best in Japan

Guidelines for action~Priority~

  • Trying for 『zero complaint』, by acting as the principles of the client first.
  • To be the most vigorously and cheerful company, to do Shibataya basic(doing all common tasks properly).
  • All employee bring the impression to the clients every day.